Did You Know?

MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size) 0.3 Micron

Harder to filter than 3.0 micron used in BFE testing, and also 0.1 micron size used in PFE.

Level of Protection:

FFP2/ N95 (Tested at 0.3 μm MPPS with at least 94%-95% efficiency) > Medical Mask (PFE tested at 0.1 μm) > Medical Mask (BFE tested at 3.0 μm)

BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)Measurement of a respirator material’s resistance to penetration of BACTERIA. -Test with 3.0 micron
PFE (Particulate Filtration Efficiency)Measurement of filtration efficiency of PARTICLES. (Including dust, pollution, and even viruses & bacteria). -Test with 0.1 micron

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