Introduction of Safetyware Group

When it comes to occupational safety & health , rest assured that you can count on Safetyware Group - an award winning integrated safety & health solutions provider with over 30 years of experience that provide one-stop OSH products & services. What separate us from the pack is our total commitment to all our valued customers. Backed by a team of professionals who are committed and passionate about safety, we know that every customer is unique and has different needs and requirement. Thus we work closely and listen to our customers, strive to provide the best possible solution whenever and wherever they are needed. If we only help you to choose the products you need, we’ve only completed half of our job . We offer a series of value added services including technical assistance and support in order to ensure that the products are used properly and appropriately. This will result in longer life span of the products , avoid unnecessary injuries due to improper usage, better protect your end products from contamination, and save your money at the end of the day.

Our root can be traced back to 1983 which we started as the pioneer rubber gloves manufacturer in Malaysia under the name of Leader Rubber Products Sdn. Bhd. which has since been renamed to Multifocal Corporation in 2003 and became the parent company of Safetyware Group. We've grown from strength to strength and today we manufacture safety shoes, safety apparels, rubber gloves, and signage & labels in our manufacturing facilities in Penang. With headquarters and 2 manufacturing plants in Penang, supported by 4 other regional offices in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Johor & Singapore, Safetyware is uniquely placed to deliver the superb customers' experience that our customers have come to expect. We have also established collaborations with other renowned Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturers in Malaysia, USA, Taiwan, China, and India, to manufacture other range of PPE including safety helmet, safety glasses and goggles, ear muffs and ear plugs, particulate respirators and masks, fall protection products, sorbents and spill containment products, safety cabinets, traffic safety products, floor safety products, lockout & tagout (LOTO) products, amongst many others.

Apart from PPE manufacturing, we also partner with international PPE brands such as Sundstrom (Sweden), Ultitec (Taiwan), Elvex (USA), Honeywell (USA), GMI (UK), Delta Plus (France), Portwest (Ireland), and Harvik (Malaysia), to distribute their products in Malaysia and the region. Besides safety products, we provide EHS consultancy and safety training. Our Safetyware Academy offers both public and in-house training programmes catering a diverse range of industries.  Safetyware is preferred and entrusted by more than 3,000 companies to be their OSH solution provider, because we don't just sell products or services, we offer complete OSH solution.

Our Business Divisions

PPE Distribution & Trading

SAFETYWARE has a wide distribution network across the UK, SG and Malaysia. We are the distributor of Sundstrom, Elvex, 3M, Honeywell, GMI, Lakeland, Brady, Weldas, Harvik and many more. We offer more than 3000+ types of personal protective equipment (PPE) and instruments.


SAFETYWARE manufactures products under a stringent controlled environment with products like safety shoe and boots, safety apparel and signage. We are equipped with advance European machineries that ensure a consistency productions of high quality products, We cater for both OEM and OBM markets.

Training & Consultancy

SAFETYWARE provides environment, health and safety consultation and training based on your business needs with our full range of OSH services. We are PSMB approved training provider.

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