SAFETYWARE Group is the leading safety products manufacturer and exporter based in Malaysia. As a manufacturer of hygiene and sanitisation products, Safetyware factory is cosmetic GMP certified and approved by NPRA. We manufacture hand sanitizers and disinfectants using superior quality raw materials and unique formulas that developed by our research & development team under the help of consultants & chemists with more than 30 years of experience.

What is Hygiene? What is Sanitization?

Hygiene is a series of practice conducted to maintain health and prevent spread of diseases, especially through cleanliness. Sanitization then means an act or process in cleaning something to make it free from infectious microbes like germs and bacteria. 

How to Choose a Sanitizing Product?

1. Check out their alcohol content

  1. Sanitizing products should always be alcohol-based with  alcohol concentration of at least 60 to 75% alcohol, for them to perform their strongest disinfecting effect.
  2. The active ingredient – Alcohol that commonly found in the market are either ethanol or isopropyl alcohol (IPA) where both act the similar effect in killing the microbes rapidly.
  3. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendation standards, the alcohol content of sanitizing products should be having at least 75% volume per volume to make sure the effectiveness on antimicrobial activity.

2. Understand their ingredients

  1. Alcohol (>60%) kills and destroys infectious microbes by breaking up their outer coatings.
  2. Water (>40%) acts as a barrier for the ingredients and part of the hydrogel.
  3. Additional of emollients leaves your hands feeling soft and refreshed to prevent it from dryness after application on the long-term usage.
  4. Carbomers are added into the hand sanitizer as gelling agent to enhance its viscosity to become more gel-like. It usually comes in paired with a base to neutralise the acidic effects of the carbomer.
  5. Right amount of fragrance gives the sanitizer a pleasant smell to get rid of choking and pungent alcoholic odour and leave the great smelling and gentle on hands.
  6. Some sanitizers might contain Vitamin E as additional advantage of boosting skin health and prevent skin from being too dry because of alcohol’s drying effects.

3. Read their properties

  1. A good sanitizing products would have the properties of anti-bacterial, which indicates their ability to effectively kill the infectious microbes like germs and bacteria that may cause illness.
  2. Rinse-free sanitizing products benefits user of its convenient application to be used anytime, anywhere at areas where water and soap is not available.
  3. Non-sticky and quick drying features offer fast-acting disinfecting effect and leave no residue or stickiness on skin while keeping hands nourish and smooth.

4. Look at the expiration dates

  1. Alcohol is volatile and tends to evaporate over time, which will cause the sanitizing products to lose its ability to ward off infections and fight the microbes. You have to both store and use the product properly to maintain the alcohol concentration at the desired level.

5. Identify the type that most suitable for you

  1. The hand sanitizers can be classified into two types according to their viscosity, which are the gel type and liquid type.
    1. Gel type hand sanitizer is ideal to keep your hands clean throughout your day as an excellent option for easy application.
    2. Liquid type hand sanitizer can be used for easy spreading of disinfectant solution and great to disinfect not only your hands but surfaces as well.
  2. Surface sanitizers are made in liquid form for easy cleaning and disinfectant purposes on various surfaces through sprays.



Instant hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs that may cause illness to keep your safe from a broad spectrum of microorganisms. Rapid antimicrobial kills with 75% of alcohol content that works at the strongest disinfection effect.

Rinse Free

It needs no soap, water, rinsing or tower and easy to use without any constraints. It promotes convenient disinfecting option for infection prevention, which it can be used anytime, anywhere: while in care, office, handbag, picnics, nappy change, travel, sports etc.

Vitamin E

It promotes skin health and retains smooth skin with additional of Vitamin E. Skin friendly effect provides layers of protection on your hands from harmful micro-organisms.

Moisturizing Effect

With the unique formulation of our hand sanitizer, it can prevent your skin from dryness after application on the long-term usage. Instead, it leaves hands feeling soft and refreshed with emollients featured.

Quality Guaranteed

To give our best in manufacturing the highest quality of hand sanitizer, we perform In-process quality check from time to time to make sure every production meets the requirement and safety level according to ISO standards. Quality control by conducting pH test and alcohol content test for each batch manufactured.

Our Products

SAFETYWARE Instant Gel Hand Sanitizer

Item CodeDescriptionTypePackingUnit
HSG010005050ml, Rinse-Free & Non-Sticky, Kills 99.9% GermsFlip TopEachBottle
HSG0100100100ml, Rinse-Free & Non-Sticky, Kills 99.9% of GermsFlip TopEachBottle
HSG0100500500ml, Rinse-Free & Non-Sticky, Kills 99.9% of GermsPumpEachBottle
HSG01010001 Ltr, Rinse-Free & Non-Sticky, Kills 99.9% of GermsPumpEachBottle
HSG01050005 Ltr, Rinse-Free & Non-Sticky, Kills 99.9% of GermsCapEachBottle
HSG012000020 Ltr, Rinse-Free & Non-Sticky, Kills 99.9% of GermsCapEachBottle

SAFETYWARE Instant Liquid Hand Sanitizer

Item CodeDescriptionTypePackingUnit
HSL0100100100ml, Rinse-Free & Non-Sticky, Kills 99.9% of GermsSpray HeadEachBottle
HSL0100500500ml, Rinse-Free & Non-Sticky, Kills 99.9% of GermsSpray HeadEachBottle
HSL01050005 Ltr, Rinse-Free & Non-Sticky, Kills 99.9% of GermsCapEachBottle
HSL012000020 Ltr, Rinse-Free & Non-Sticky, Kills 99.9% of GermsCapEachBottle

SAFETYWARE Liquid Surface Sanitizer

Item CodeDescriptionTypePackingUnit
ASS0100500500ml, Rinse-Free & Non-Sticky, Kills 99.99% of GermsSpray HeadEachBottle
ASS01050005 Ltr, Rinse-Free & Non-Sticky, Kills 99.99% of GermsCapEachBottle
ASS012000020 Ltr, Rinse-Free & Non-Sticky, Kills 99.99% of GermsCapEachBottle

SAFETYWARE Surface Sanitizing Wipes

Item CodeDescriptionTypePackingUnit
HWP01100WHT01200mm x 150mm size of wipe, effectively eliminates 99.99% of harmful germs on hard surfaces.Pull out100pcs / CanisterCanister

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do all types of sanitizing products contains alcohol?

There are some sanitizing products that are alcohol free to cater to those that do not prefer alcohol usage. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is recommended to use sanitizing products that are of at least 60% alcohol for a more effective cleaning and disinfecting purposes - alcohol eliminates harmful germs better and faster.

2. When should I apply the sanitizing products?

Sanitizing products can be used at any time when needed. Mainly used when there are risk of contaminations - eg: before and after making contact with any surfaces or person that may be contaminated / sick, such as in grocery store, petrol station, touching door knobs, lift buttons, etc. 

3. Is instant sanitizing products the best option to eliminates the harmful infections like virus, bacteria or germs? 

Sanitizing products stand as an option for instant cleaning and sanitizing if no soap and water is available. Usual alcohol-based sanitizing products like hand sanitizer and surface sanitizers eliminates the harmful infections immediately. To increase the effectiveness, it is encouraged that one follows the practice of wearing a mask when sick and wash hands with water and soap when available and avoid touching any public items if unnecessary to prevent the spread of infections as advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

4. Does expired sanitizing products still effective for use?

Most sanitizing products have shelf life of normal of 2 – 3 years duration for them to work at its highest performance. After expiration date, it tends to become less potent and less effective in eliminating germs as compared to a fresh batch. However, it is completely safe to use even after its expiry date.

5. Where should the sanitizing products be stored?

Sanitizing products are encouraged to be kept in a cool and dry places. It should not be placed under direct sunlight. It must be stored out of reach and sight of children to prevent accidental consumption.