Eye & Face Protection

Eye and Face Protection Specialist

The best way to avoid eye and face injuries is the use of eye protection and face protection PPE. Safetyware, being the leader of personal protective equipment in Malaysia & the region, supplies comprehensive solution in eye & face protection. Whether you require safety glasses, safety goggles, prescription safety eyewear or faceshield, we have the right solution for you. Our eye and face protection PPE provide protection against hazards such as impact, chemical splash and radiation. Besides offering Safetyware brand of safety glasses & goggles, we also supply quality products from Elvex (USA), Delta Plus (France), Essilor (France), Honeywell (USA), Titmus (USA), 3M (USA) and Portwest (Ireland). You can count on Safetyware as your trusted manufacturer & supplier of eye protection and face protection PPE.

If you require prescription safety glasses, we offer eye test service via our network of appointed optometrist & opticians throughout Malaysia. This allow you to obtain the right prescription safety glasses with ease and convenience. Please contact us now for more information.