Introduction To Safetyware - Manufacturing

Safetyware Group takes pride in its diverse and comprehensive manufacturing portfolio spanning multiple sectors. As the largest safety footwear manufacturer in Malaysia, we excel in delivering top-tier products with innovative design and robust performance. Our legacy is deeply rooted in glove manufacturing, a familial tradition that has expanded to include Safety Apparel and Hygiene & Sanitisation products. In our cutting-edge facilities, we create a wide range of safety apparel tailored to multiple industries and hygiene products that cater to industrial, commercial, and household needs.

Adding to our manufacturing prowess, our Signage & Labels and Mask & Respirator divisions harness advanced printing technology and meticulous quality control to ensure optimal results. We further address the need for high-quality Disposable PPE and Safety Helmets, meticulously crafted in our dedicated plants. In every product category, we uphold a commitment to safety, quality, and innovation. Trust Safetyware Group to provide reliable and comprehensive safety solutions to meet your diverse needs.

Born from a legacy of innovation, Safetyware Group embodies the rich heritage of our family's glove manufacturing enterprise established in 1983. While the manufacturing operations have continued under the experienced guidance of our founder's elder brother, our inextricable family ties and shared expertise remain a valuable part of our narrative.

We have gained unique insights into the production of Natural Rubber, Nitrile, and Neoprene gloves, which find diverse applications in both household and industrial settings. Our association with an annual production capacity of 30 million pairs of gloves, and a broad global footprint spanning over 50 countries, empowers us to offer unparalleled value.

Through consistent collaboration with our familial manufacturing business, we pool our knowledge and resources to meet the diverse demands of both our Safetyware branded gloves and the OEM markets. With Safetyware Group, you're not just selecting a glove - you're choosing a heritage of trusted hand protection solutions known worldwide."

We proudly stand as the leading safety footwear manufacturer in Malaysia, boasting four cutting-edge production lines that encompass Cementing, Nitrile Rubber Direct Vulcanizing, PU Injection, and PVC Injection processes. Our product range spans from hard-wearing safety shoes and boots, fortified with robust NBR and PU soles, to sturdy PVC Wellington Boots, providing the ultimate protection for all types of workplaces.

Our commitment to superior quality and innovation allows us to produce an impressive volume of over a million pairs of safety footwear annually. Our flagship brand, RHINO SHOE, leads the market with its reputation for durability, comfort, and style. As the preferred choice for safety footwear, RHINO SHOE has earned the trust of tens of thousands of corporate customers across the globe.

At Safetyware Group, we're not just manufacturing safety footwear - we're equipping industries with the confidence to perform at their best, knowing they're protected by our unwavering commitment to their safety.



At Safetyware Group, our expertise extends to the manufacture of specialized safety apparel. Our offerings encompass high visibility, flame retardant (FR), chemical resistant, and Antistatic apparel. Our production versatility enables us to craft diverse styles, ranging from jackets and pants to coveralls, aprons, sleeves, and caps, along with the capability to fulfil custom design requirements.

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to customization, maintaining manageable minimum order quantities, and offering logo imprinting services to boost your corporate identity. Techniques include heat transfer, embroidery, and screen printing, ensuring a wide variety of aesthetic and durable finishes.

Trusted by a wide spectrum of clients - from multinational corporations and airlines to government agencies and manufacturing plants, both large and small - Safetyware Group is your go-to partner for fulfilling all workwear needs

Safetyware Group is an industry leader in creating high-quality indoor and outdoor signage and short-run labels. With our array of advanced equipment, including HP Latex and UV printers, laser cutters, digital presses, and more, we facilitate swift, cost-effective production without compromising durability or clarity.

We uphold an eco-conscious ethos with solvent-free printouts, emphasizing our commitment to responsible practices. Our comprehensive design services allow clients to accurately convey their messages, catering to the unique needs of each project. Proudly marketed under our own QuickSign brand, we represent reliability and speed in service. We take pride not just in crafting signs and labels, but in ensuring they effectively tell your story.

QuickSign -

Catering to diverse hygiene and sanitisation needs, Safetyware Group stands as a leading manufacturer of an assortment of products, including hand sanitisers, surface sanitisers, liquid hand soaps, floor disinfectants, multipurpose cleaners, and disinfecting wipes. These products are produced in our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified factory (Plant 2), aligning with stringent quality standards.

Our product line is marketed under the brand name Cleanware, a testament to our commitment to fostering cleaner and safer environments. Alongside our branded products, we also undertake OEM orders, offering bespoke solutions that align with our clients' specific requirements.

In our continued pursuit of excellence, we maintain a focus on innovation, consistently researching and developing new products to meet evolving market needs. As the landscape of hygiene and cleanliness continues to shift, especially in the post-pandemic world, we strive to stay at the forefront, providing reliable, effective solutions to industrial, commercial, and household sectors. 

Cleanware -

Safetyware Group excels in the production of high-quality face masks and respirators at our ISO 13485 certified facility in Penang. Our assortment includes 3-Ply and 4-Ply Medical Face Masks, alongside FFP2 Particulate Respirators, meticulously made from top-notch materials to guarantee maximum filtration efficiency.

As a testament to our commitment to quality, our masks are registered with the Medical Device Authority (MDA) of Malaysia and the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore. Our production takes place in a tightly controlled environment, using automated machinery for product consistency and superior quality assurance.

Our range of masks and respirators are marketed under our flagship brand, Safetyware, encapsulating our dedication to safety and wellbeing. Additionally, we welcome OEM partnerships, extending our manufacturing prowess to accommodate the specific needs of our clients. Choose Safetyware Group for trusted protection and high-quality mask solutions.

As a comprehensive safety solutions provider, Safetyware Group extends its manufacturing capabilities to encompass an array of Disposable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our portfolio includes essentials such as PE Gloves, PE Aprons, Non-Woven Mob Caps, and CPE Shoe Covers, each designed to ensure the utmost standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Manufactured in our dedicated facility in Prai, Penang (Plant 3), these products find their application across various industrial and commercial settings. From healthcare to food processing, our disposable PPE delivers reliable protection where hygiene is of paramount importance.

With Safetyware Group, trust in our commitment to offer not just protective gear, but peace of mind, promoting safety and hygiene at every level.

At Safetyware Group, we're committed to ensuring worker safety from top to toe, which is why we manufacture a broad range of robust safety helmets at our dedicated Plant 3 in Prai, Penang. Each helmet is meticulously designed to offer optimum protection against falling objects and potential head injuries, making them a vital safety asset for the construction industry, warehouses, plantations, and heavy industries.

Our safety helmets are not only reliable but also conform to international safety standards, underscoring our commitment to superior quality. We proudly market these helmets under our own brand, Safetyware, a name synonymous with dependable protection.

In addition to our branded offerings, we also engage in OEM collaborations, further showcasing our manufacturing versatility.



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