1. What is fire extinguisher service?

Fire extinguisher service is the maintenance, inspection, and repair of fire extinguishers to ensure that they are in proper working condition and ready to use in the event of a fire. 

2. How often should fire extinguishers be serviced?

Fire extinguishers should be serviced at least once a year, or as required by local regulations, to ensure that they are functioning properly and meet safety standards. 

3. What does fire extinguisher service include?

Fire extinguisher service includes inspection, maintenance, repair, and recharge of fire extinguishers. This includes checking the pressure gauge, hose, nozzle, and tamper seal, and refilling the extinguisher with the proper type of fire suppression agent. 

4. Can I service my own fire extinguishers?

While you may be able to inspect your own fire extinguishers, it is recommended that you hire a professional for maintenance and repair services to ensure that your fire extinguishers are in proper working order. 

5. How long does fire extinguisher service take?

Fire extinguisher service typically takes less than an hour, depending on the number of fire extinguishers being serviced and the extent of any necessary repairs. 

6. What are the benefits of fire extinguisher service?

The benefits of fire extinguisher service include ensuring that your fire extinguishers are functioning properly and ready to use in the event of a fire, and helping to meet local fire safety regulations. 

7. How much does fire extinguisher service cost?

The cost of fire extinguisher service varies depending on the number of fire extinguishers, their size, and the extent of any necessary repairs. Contact us for a customized quote. 

8. Can I use any fire extinguisher service company?

It is recommended that you choose a fire extinguisher service company that is certified and experienced, and that follows industry standards and safety regulations. 

9. What type of fire extinguisher do I need for my business?

The type of fire extinguisher you need depends on the type of fire risks present in your business, as well as local fire safety regulations. Our experts can help you determine the right type of fire extinguisher for your needs. 

10. What if I need emergency fire extinguisher service?

If you need emergency fire extinguisher service, contact us immediately. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to provide fast and reliable fire extinguisher services. 



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