What is a Signage / Signboard / Label?

Signage / Signboard / Label is a panel which act as an item to provide information and instruction about some products or as safety and health related notice. A signage may come in texts, colour, shapes, symbols or pictogram. It acts as a visual communication tool to express a message faster, simpler and easier while having a benefit in reducing workplace hazards.

Quicksign, signage printing specialist, also a subsidiary company of Safetyware offers diverse range of signages and labels.

indoor outdoor signages
wallpaper stickers
sticker wrapping
indoor outdoor commercial poster & banners
special cutting services

Signages & Labels for Industry, Commercial and Home

1. Industry

  • Banner
  • Streamer
  • Signboards
  • Industry Signs
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • 3d Letter Cutting
  • Etc

2. Commercial

  • Lightbox
  • Frontlit / Backlit Banner
  • A-Stand
  • Directional Signages
  • Ultraclear Sticker
  • Ultraclear Reverse Print
  • Banner
  • 2d Signage
  • Two Way Vision
  • Stickers
  • Etc

3. Home

  • Glass Sandblast
  • Wallpaper / Wall Stickers
  • Canvas Printing
  • Etc

Features of the Signages & Labels

Safety signs and labels can play a vital role in ensuring a safe workplace. Employers who implement effective, clear visual communication signs or labels may benefit from fewer accidents and injuries, increased efficiency, and safe behaviour throughout their facility.

  • Bright Colours, Bold Text and Attractive Pictographs
  • Able to Withstand Harsh Industrial or Factory Environments
  • Non-Toxic Wated-Based Latex Ink – Environmentally Friendly
  • Odourless
  • Durable for Outdoor Displays
  • Premium Quality with Technologies of Esteemed Partners Like Summa, Graphtec, Caldera and Others
  • Open to Customizes Services

Choice of Material

  • Self-adhesive vinyl with lamination (3M sticker and Hexis sticker)
  • High impact polystyrene (HIPS)
  • Aluminium composite panel (ACP), which is suitable for outdoor environment
  • Acrylic (clear, white, red, green and more)
  • Photoluminescent sticker, aka glow in the dark sticker)
  • Engineering grade and high impact prismatic (HIP) reflective sticker
  • Others


Free Consulting Design Delivery or Installation

One to one consultation between our professional consultant and client to make sure that the discussion is highly productive. The qualms and ideas of client will be created after our consultant formulate print solutions that are best suited to customer’s needs. We have professional designers who are ready to create artwork with initiative and accuracy.

Printing & Production

Production will bring out the products perfectly according to the artwork from designer. We insist on using non-toxic solvent free latex ink when it comes to printing jobs. Just a simple reason that we are a firm believer in providing solution which is greener & healthier. All the products will be done before lead time to make sure the products can be delivered to our customer right on time.

Delivery or Installation

The delivery will carry out once the products are done. If there is any need of installation for indoor or outdoor, you can schedule with us to make the installation on time. Installer will get to your place to put on the artwork right on place as your idea. All the artwork will be neat and firm because of our certified and professional installer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I personalise the designs?

Yes, you may send the reference artwork file of .ai, .pdf, .jpg or .png file in high resolution to us or contact us directly for the custom-made designing.

2. What is your lead time?

It would usually take 7-14days for job completion upon confirmation of artwork. However, customer may inform a specific schedule or timeline if required.