Signage & Labels

Signage & Labels
Wide range of safety signage & labels for industry, commercial and home!

Signage & labels help to convey important and easy to understood information to people in their workplace. Quicksign, a signage printing specialist, is a subsidiary company of Safetyware that offers diverse range of different signages. As a leading manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia and also South East Asia (ASEAN), we provide safety signs such as:

  • Mandatory sign
  • Warning sign
  • Prohibition sign
  • Emergency escape sign
  • Safety floor sign and many more.

Our signage comes in bright colours, bold text and attractive pictographs. This is to make certain that the communication is highly visible and clearly delivered. In addition, we fabricate our signage and labels in such that they are able to withstand harsh industrial or factory environments. For instance, our signs and labels are made using HP printer. Consequently, due to the non-toxic wated-based latex ink that we use, our prints are odourless, more durable in outdoors, higher quality as well as environmental friendly. Likewise, we have employed technologies from esteemed partners such as Summa, Graphtec, Caldera and others to provide premium quality signage for our customers.

Moreover, we provide various choice of materials which are best suitable for your needs, such as:

  • Self adhesive vinyl with lamination (3M sticker and Hexis sticker)
  • High impact polystyrene (HIPS)
  • Aluminium composite panel (ACP), which is suitable for outdoor environment
  • Acrylic (clear, white, red, green and more!)
  • Photoluminescent sticker, aka glow in the dark sticker)
  • Engineering grade and high impact prismatic (HIP) reflective sticker

Nonetheless, don’t worry if we have not listed the choice you want on our site. We also provide custom printing, in which custom made sign with your desired messages and artwork (such as company logo) are possible. So contact us and we will advise you about the customization accordingly.