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Safetyware offers a wide variety of footwear protection with certification of EN ISO 20345:2011. The international standards specify basic and additional (optional) requirements for safety footwear used for general purposes. It includes, for example, mechanical risks, slip resistance, thermal risks, ergonomic behaviour.

The toe cap protects the wearer’s toes against risk of injury from falling objects and crushing when worn in work environments where potential hazards may occur. The midsole protects against the foot being pierced by underfoot objects. The footwear comes with good abrasion, chemical, oil and heat resistance.

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RHINO SHOE – Safety Shoes

In less than a decade time, it has grown to become a reputable brand of safety footwear which is trusted by tens of thousands of users in the world. RHINO SHOE has successfully carved an image of being high quality safety footwear which offers ultimate comfort, rock-solid toughness elegant design and with affordable prices. Our shoes are designed by famed European shoe craftsman and manufactured in Malaysia for the world. Every pair of RHINO SHOE is hand made by highly skilled and experienced workers which pay the utmost attention and care to finest details, in fully equipped manufacturing facilities incorporated with the latest shoe making technology.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified factory produces heavy-duty safety footwear of brand Rhino Shoes with series model named Ultranite and Ultranite Lite (economical version). Safetyware claims to be Malaysia’s first safety shoes manufacturer using Direct Vulcanised Technology (DVT) which is normally used to produce military boots.
Top series:

Ultranite Series

Ultranite Lite Series

Features of Rhino Shoe Safety Footwear

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Top 10 Reason to Choose RHINO SHOE

1. Safety

Tested & certified to European CE EN ISO 20345, Malaysia SIRIM MS20345 & DOSH, and Singapore SS513 standards

2. Direct vulcanized technology

Malaysia’s first safety shoes manufacturer using Direct Vulcanised Technology (DVT) to produce ultra-tough and durable safety shoes (technology which is normally used to produce military boots) for Ultranite Series only

3. High quality premium materials

All materials are carefully selected to ensure superior performance. From genuine 2mm full grain buffalo leather to lightweight fibreglass toe cap, from specially formulated Nitrile compound to the flexible anti-penetration aramid midsole, only the best materials are used

4. Lightweight

Shoes are averagely 20% lighter due to the usage of Double Density Nitrile Rubber sole

5. Flexible

Offers optimum comfort and prevent leg & back fatigue

6. Comfort

Generous thick padding & sponge as well as high quality shock-absorbing PU insock used to ensure exceptional comfort for all day use.

7. Design

Designed by famed European master shoe craftsman – Mr Milan Havel with he aim to develop safety shoe which strike a balance between functional and aesthetic

8. Market leading 6-months warranty

Offers 6-months warranty against manufacturing defects comparing to other suppliers that provide at most 2 months warranty

9. Made in Malaysia

Being the first and only Malaysia safety shoe brand to be awarded with mark of Malaysia Brand Certification by SMECorp.

10. Superb after sales service

Always ready for pre-sales and after sales queries with office and support centres located throughout Malaysia

RHINO SHOE – Wellington Boots

Wellington boots are commonly used for protection against chemical or harmful liquids. As they are made of rubber or material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the footwear offers high waterproof qualities. For use in heavy industries, wellington boots are designed with an integrated reinforced toe to offer higher safety protection.

RHINO SHOE Wellington Boots are designed with add of steel toe and plate alongside other comfort characters to offer ultimate comfort, rock-solid toughness from crush or puncture injuries at affordable prices.

Every pair of RHINO SHOE Wellington boots is hand made by highly skilled and experienced workers who pay the utmost attention and care to the finest details, in fully equipped manufacturing facilities incorporated with the latest shoe making technology.

Features of Rhino Shoe Wellington Boot

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Functions of a Safety Footwear

Foot injuries in workplace may affect the performance of one in the workplace. As one of the health and safety requirement at work, safety footwear has become a must item. Practice of wearing safety footwear (shoes / boots) would very much prevent injuries on foot.

  • Protection from falling or flying of heavy or dangerous objects
  • Protection from object punctures
  • Prevention from cutting hazards
  • Prevention from electric hazards
  • Prevention from slips, trips & fall
  • Prevention from foot tiredness
  • Prevention from burns
  • Prevention from weather changes


We have more than 30 years of experience in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturing, manufactures under stringent quality control systems certified to ISO 9001:2015 Standard. Our quality products are certified to CE, ANSI, AS/NZS, SIRIM, Singapore Standard, etc. and supported by a Strong R&D Team for continuous improvement on Product Quality.

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