Did You Know?

Source of image: canva.com


  • Protection against head injuries
  • Protection against slips, trips, & falls
  • Provide Sun Protection
  • Colours for identification

  1. Shell
    – UV-resistant ABS material.
    – Protects the head from danger due to flying or falling objects.
  2. Sweatband
    – Helps to soften impacts and absorbs moisture.
    – Fixed to the harness to ensure the helmet is fitted to head.
  3. Chin Strap
    – Ensure the safety helmet is fitted properly.
    – Prevent helmet from slipping or falling off.
  4. Harness
    – Made of impact absorbing material, reduce the forces of impact towards head.V-shape Plastic Harness.
    – Can easily detachable and fully adjustable to fit different head size.
  5. V-shape Plastic Harness
    – Fixed to the shell with 8 points V-Shape PR (Polyster).