SALISBURY Rubber Insulating Sleeves
SALISBURY Rubber Insulating Sleeves

Models Available : 2-R-B , 2-L-B , 2-XL-B , 3-R-Y , 3-L-Y , 4-R-M , 4-L-M , B-2 , S-1 , H-1

Features :

  • Provide extended arm protection from the wrist to the shoulder against accidental contact with energized conductors and equipment.
  • Molded sleeves are made from natural rubber material and offer a standard natural curved elbow design with reinforced cuff edges.
  • Available in sizes regular (R), large (L) and extra-large (XL).
  • Sleeve buttons, straps and harnesses are required to properly wear rubber insulating sleeves.
  • Four buttons, two straps, and one harness are required per pair of sleeves.
  • Order sleeve straps or harnesses separately.
Art No. Class Protection Length Color Unit
2-R-B Class 2 17,000 volts Reg Black pair
2-L-B Class 2 17,000 volts Large Black pair
2-XL-B Class 2 17,000 volts XL Black pair
3-R-Y Class 3 24,500 volts Reg Yellow pair
3-L-Y Class 3 26,500 volts Large Yellow pair
4-R-M Class 4 36,000 volts Reg Maroon pair
4-L-M Class 4 36,000 volts Large Maroon pair


Art No. Description Unit
B-2 Yellow Nylon One – Piece Sleeve Button pc
S-1 15” Sleeve Straps – 2 Straps / w 2x B-2 Buttons set
H-1 Sleeve Harness – Include 4x B-2 Buttons pc



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