Cold Resistant Apparel

Proofing the Coldness as Protecting your Warmness

The purpose of Cold Resistant Apparel is to help people’s body keep in warm in any cold weather or condition when they are work in their cold workplace. Beside, Cold Resistant clothes are able to categorize in different layers, of course, different layers have its own functional feature.

So in short word, the user should choose an appropriate layer of the cold resistant jacket which can against the cold environment in their working place. Fortunately, we Safetyware Sdn. Bhd. has proudly introducing YOU to resist the cold environment by using the cold resistant apparel.
In addition, we are thanks to our partner “Delta Plus(Europe)” to provide us with a great quality product to serve you, as we can ensure everybody’s Safety as well.

These are available use in industries such as Construction or Civil engineering, second work or craftsman, light industry and Logistic.

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