Chemical Resistant Apparel

Offer protection to against biohazard

Chemical Resistant Apparel uses to prevent the risk that against chemicals. Because chemicals could affect human-being suffer from cancer, mutagenic, allergic and many more.

People should aware from this happen as prevent it occur in our life.
So Safetyware Sdn Bhd has proudly introduced you to choose the good quality product because they are using high-quality material to produce the products. Yet, we have certificate approval from overseas to prove the item’s quality as well.

We also have a partnership with a company who specializes in Chemical Resistant coverall – “Derekduck Industries Corp”. With their famous brand “ULTITEC”, we can provide and ensure many of workers safe and sounds. Due to they are work as Heroes at the front line dealing with toxic dust or liquid hazard.

Apart from that, Safetyware also has own brand among Chemical Resistant Apparel. Which are able to custom made, and made with 100% polyester that can resist the most type of chemicals and harmful particles.