Portwest A250 – Tergsus Glove

Portwest Tergsus Glove

Item Code: A250

  • Suitable for light industrial applications
  • With name tag fro easy identification
  • Available in 5 colours


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Portwest Tergsus Glove is in the category of leather gloves.

Leather glove is used when welding as the leather can resist sparks and moderate heat as well as minimize the risk of cuts and abrasions.

Besides that, there are three types of leather:

-Cowhide is the most commonly used material for heat protection gloves. It is easier to maintain because it is great in terms of durability, heat resistance, texture and comfort.

-Moreover, the full grain leather is the combination of the grain and corium junction. The hide does not go through any sanding, thus the fiber strength and durability are remained.

-In addition, the top grain is the natural layer after sanding away the top surface of the leather.

  • Portwest tergsus glove is made from high quality durable goat leather.
  • Other than that, the durable goat grain leather glove with hook & loop fastening, cotton back and reinforced fingertips.
  • In addition, hook and loop strap provided in this tergsus glove is safe for secure fit.
  • Furthermore, this glove is suitable for light industrial applications.
  • Portwest tergsus glove with name tag fro easy identification.
  • This glove provided the heat resistant protection from 100°C to 500°C.

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Product Material Goatskin, Cotton

Colour / Fit / Size

Colour Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow
Size 7 – 11 (S – 2XL)


AS/NZS 2161.2

AS/NZS 2161.3

EN 388:2016 – (

EN 240


PORTWEST A250 – Product Specification

PORTWEST A250 – EC Declaration of Conformity