What is a disposable shoe cover?

Disposable shoe cover is one of the items in the category of PPE or Personal Protection Equipment. By using the shoe cover, it can provide a physical barrier between the microorganisms and the wearers to prevent the contamination of microorganisms onto the wearers’ shoes. Based on the publication of the World Health Organization, “Practical Guidelines for Infection Control in Health Care Facilities” mentioned that a disposable shoe cover should be worn when there is a patient’s blood or other fluids that might splash onto the wearers’ shoes. According to the healthcare facilities protocol, disposable shoe covers should be discarded and not be reused after usage. It can be applied in food processing, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, electronic and general industry.


We have more than 30 years of experience in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturing, manufactures under stringent quality control systems certified to ISO 9001:2015 Standard. Our quality products are certified to CE, ANSI, AS/NZS, SIRIM, Singapore Standard, etc. and supported by a strong R&D team for continuous improvement on product quality.

Safetyware’s disposable shoe cover is made up with soft Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) and durable soft plastic to enhance the comfortability and durability. The CPE material is light weight and economical. It is designed to protect against dirt, grime, and liquid splashes on wearers’ shoes. Besides that, our CPE shoe covers are heat sealed, seamless and offer the excellent fluid resistance to repel water on the floor. It also provide the dry surface traction to prevent the slippery of floor surface.

To ensure the optimum hygiene, our disposable shoe covers are all made in the controlled environment. All products are handled hygienically by the workers with full Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to prevent the contamination of dust onto the products.

The shoe covers are made in Malaysia by Safetyware Sdn. Bhd. Our company gained the approval of the Quality Management Systems, ISO 9001:2015 certified that is internationally recognized and accepted to ensure excellent product quality control. There are ready stock and we have continuous production to supply the products to our customers. Therefore, there is no issue regarding to the stock availability and we could also provide fast delivery services to deliver our products in the shortest period.


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  • Easy for wearer to be put on and take off.
  • The elastic band is secure yet flexible around the wearer’s ankles to prevent slipping.
  • The material is durable that won’t easily to be tear, while still providing the excellent protection against fluid, particulate and harmful materials.
  • The material of shoe cover are embossed to reduce the risk of wearer getting slips or falls.

The benefits of using shoe cover

1. Prevent and reduces the spread of contamination

As we all know the disposable shoe covers should be discarded and not to be reused after usage. Therefore, it reudces the chances of cross-contamination of microorganisms or harmful material from one area to another area and at the meanwhile prevent the spread of diseases.

2. Helps to protect the floor and keep the floor clean.

Shoe covers can help to protect your carpets, tiles and floors from dirt, mud, or other contaminants. It also can helps to prevent scuff or scratches cause by your footwear that might damage the floor.

3. Helps to keep footwear clean.

There are many activities which may exposes the people to some materials that may stain or damage their footwear. By wearing shoe covers, it can protect your footwear from stains, scratches and at the meanwhile extend your footwear’s usage life.

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Food Processing

Cleanup Applications

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does shoe cover has specific sizes?

Safetyware’s shoe cover is made up by soft Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) material and flexible elastic band. Therefore, it is strachable and flexible to fit all foot size.

2. Can the shoe covers be reused after rewashed?

No. It is not encourage to rewash and reuse as it might still have the cross-contamination risk occured. The most appropriate usage method is to discard it once the shoe covers have been worn.

3. Do I need to change my shoe covers frequently?

It is depends on the industry that you involved in. When you involved in the healthcare or childcare industry, cross-contamination is a major concern. People have to take this matter serious to reduce the risk of contamination towards the patients or children. Therefore, the shoe covers should be changed frequently when the workers moving from one sterile area to another.