WD029 – Danger Falling Objects Signage

WD029 – Danger Falling Objects Signage

Quicksign Danger Falling Objects Signage

Item Code: WD029

  • Icon and wording: Danger / Bahaya with falling objects from height
  • Size: 300mm(W) x 100mm(H)
  • Material: Self adhesive sticker / 1mm HIPS / 3mm ACP
  • Sticker finishing
  • Colour: Black on Yellow
  • Language: English & Malay
  • Customization is available
Danger Falling Objects Signage – Head Safety Sign
  • Functions to give attention to people be extra careful for the existence of falling objects.
  • Place signs where they are readily visible as an extra reminder towards the probable risk and encourage people to keep off.
  • Suitable to use in construction area.
  • Available in various materials and sizes as according to your needs.
  • Customization for design, material, size and language is available.