HEXARMOR 4086 – Chrome Series® Arctic

HEXARMOR 4086 – Chrome Series® Arctic

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  • C40 Thinsulate™ interior liner helps keep hands warm
  • SuperFabric®* brand material palm provides ANSI/ISEA cut level A8 resistance for some of the highest cut protection available in the industry (interior layer)
  • Hi-vis back-of-hand impact protection system utilizes an advanced design to dissipate forceful blows over a large area, providing workers with ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 1 impact protection
  • Goatskin leather palm provides a traditional style for increased dexterity and comfort
  • Velcro® cuff for a comfortable and precise fit
  • Form-fitting design for increase dexterity and comfort

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HEXARMOR 4086 – Chrome Series® Arctic is in the category of anti impact gloves which protect users from crushing, pinching, cut and puncture hazards that make up most of the serious hand injuries.

Impact resistant gloves against hand and finger injuries have come a long way with development of new materials, improved design and better manufacturing methods. These resulted in impact resistant gloves with significantly improved back of hand impact protection, better dexterity, enhanced comfort, more abrasion resistance, longer glove lifespan and higher cut level protection.

HexArmor® Chrome Series® gloves are built for a wide array of applications. Each product in the series was crafted to fit the hand with a specific purpose. With over 14 styles and various features such as impact protection, an abrasion-resistant knuckle patch, or a PVC printed palm, you can be confident that the Chrome Series® will keep your hands protected in any hazardous condition. Our Chrome Core™ gloves were designed with comfort in mind, providing unsurpassed dexterity while maintaining industry leading cut resistance.

  • Velcro® cuff for a comfortable and precise fit for wearer.
  • Besides that, this Chrome Series® Arctic provide wearer to grip in dry or light oil situations.
  • Furthermore, this glove which made from goatskin leather palm provides a traditional style of comfort for wearer.
  • Other than that, SuperFabric®* brand materials provide industry-leading cut resistance (interior layer).
  • Moreover, the back-of-hand impact guards provide ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 1 protection on knuckles and fingers.
  • In addition, it is form-fitting and quality materials.
  • Yet, it has high dexterity.
  • C40 Thinsulate™ interior liner keeps hands warm.

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Sizing and Care

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Performance Ratings

 Performance Ratings
  • CE: 4X13FP