Ansell 19026 – Scorpio Neoprene Gloves

Ansell 19026 – Scorpio Neoprene Gloves

Ansell  Scorpio Neoprene Gloves

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Neoprene glove with a double insulating liner to better resist to heat and cold environment

Designed to protect the users in applications where thermal and chemical risks are present

Excellent mechanical and chemical properties. Unaffected by detergents and cleaning solutions. Excellent protection against greases and oils. Superior flexibility and grip

Industry Use:

  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Metal fabrication
  • Chemical

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Ansell 19026 Scorpio Neoprene Gloves is in the category of heat resistant gloves which protect from extreme heat exposure, typically used in laboratory work, construction or catering.

Heat resistant gloves are essential for workers who are exposed to heat hazards. It is important to properly understand the type of gloves you need for your workplace. There are many different types of heat hazards. You can use the legislation EN 407 to help you find the right heat proof gloves for your environment. Heat resistant gloves are rated according to EN 407. EN 407 ratings have 6 numbers and each number shows the gloves resistance to a certain type of hazard. Understanding these numbers is the best way to find the right heat protection gloves for you.

  • This scorpio neoprene glove combines the flexibility and chemical resistance of neoprene with the comfort and heat resistance of a soft thermal liner.
  • Besides that, it is also designed to protect the users in applications where thermal  and chemical risks are present.
  • Furthermore, Neoprene glove with a double insulating liner to better resist to heat and cold environment.
  • In addition, this glove has a longer version than the 19-024 for further protection.
  • Chemical and heat resistant provides extra comfort and flexibility
  • Neoprene-dipped coating on a double insulating liner for improved resistance in hot conditions
  • Offers protection from chemical splash and intermittent heat of up to 180°C (400°F)
  • Excellent mechanical and chemical properties; provides protection against greases and oils
  • Superior flexibility and grip

Ansell 19024 Scorpio Neoprene Gloves : https://safetyware.com/product/ansell-19024-scorpio-neoprene-gloves/

Additional information



Size Available

Size : 8 and 10

Coating Materials


Cuff Style


Grip Design

Rough Finish

Latex Free



660 MM; 26 INCHES

Silicone Free



Product Material Cotton


Colour / Fit / Size

Colour Black
Size 8, 10
Length 26″ (660mm)
Heat Resistance Up to 200°C


EN 420:2003 + A1:2009

Category III

REACH Compliant


Ansell 19026 – Product Specification

Ansell 19026 – Declaration of Conformity