Item Code: TK12GA01


  • Lightweight and comfortable, provide more leeway to fireman.
  • Good water repellence as well as air permeability for thermal layer and inner layer.
  • Outer layer is resist to flashover and fire spread – does not burn, melt or shrink.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and anti-static outer shell, passed EN ISO 12947-3 and EN 1149-3.
  • High air permeability and suitable to tropical climate. The Water Vapor Resistance (Ret) is 30% lower than EN 469 requirement.
  • Passed ASTM F1671 test for blood and pathogen resistant.
  • Suit exceeds EN469 Level 2 Protection.

KANOX Fireman Suit is in the category of fire fighting protection.

Protective clothing and equipment such as fireman suit for firefighters can protect them from the harsh working environment with strong thermal hazards, elevated ambient temperature, low oxygen concentration and smoke. Fire fighting is an extremely dangerous occupation. In addition to extinguishing fires, firefighters must also fight against smoke, water, hot embers, falling objects and collapsed floors. Considering that they usually only have a precious few minutes to allow occupants to safely leave the burning building, they complete their work under tight time constraints. Modern firefighters wear a full set of personal protective equipment to protect themselves in potentially hazardous work such as fireman suit.

•There is reinforcement on shoulder, elbow, and sleeve end.
• Besides that, it has buffer designed at the armpit.
• Furthermore, anti-wicking fabrics are used at sleeve end and coat hem.
• In addition, there is a fire resistant wristlet with thumb hole that can be seen in this coat.
• Other than that, two patch pockets with flap & draining hole will be provided in this coat.
Moreover, this fireman suit will also provide radio pocket, utility loops for torch and microphone.

•The trouser has a waist size adjustable by Velcro.
•Besides that, there is also has hem at leg bottom curved upwards at heel area be provided in this trouser.
•Other than that, this trousers also provide knees and leg hem reinforcement.
•In addition, there will also have four or two points suspenders that can be seen in this trousers.

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Fabric Outer shell : Mazic® FM02
Moisture barrier : PTFE/Aramid spunlace
Thermal layer : Kanox® F70SL quilt with Mazic® FV06


Colour Orange
Size S – 3XL
Overall Weight 3.0kg




KANOX TK12GA01 – Product Specification