Inspection glove WC101Inspection glove WC101

Safetyware Inspection Gloves

Safetyware Inspection Gloves

Item Code : WC101 (Cotton), WN101 (Nylon), WP101 (Polyester), WPN102 (Polyester)

Features :

  • Designed to protect components or parts from contamination by workers.
  • Available in cotton, polyester and nylon.
  • White cotton gloves (WC101) are suitable for general purpose usage.
  • White polyester (WN101) and white nylon gloves (WP101 & WPN102) are with lower lint, suitable for more critical environment.

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  • Protects the hand or products from any contamination.


Product Material Cotton (WC101)

Nylon (WN101)

Polyester (WP101 &WPN102)

Colour / Fit / Size

Colour White
Size Universal
Length 205mm (WC101)

210mm (WN101)

216mm (WP101)

217mm (WPN102)


Catalogue : Inspection Gloves