GENIAL T12L – Digital Thermometer

GENIAL T12L – Digital Thermometer

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GENIAL T12L – Digital Thermometer

Item code: T12L


  • User friendly.
  • Rigid tip.
  • 60 seconds fast reading.
  • IP22 waterproof.
  • Beeper function.
  • HD Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).
  • 4 digits display.
  • Digital accuracy measuring.
  • Memory: Last measurement reading.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • With storage case.

GENIAL T12L – Digital Thermometer

You may need to check an oral temperature to learn if you or a family member has a fever. “Fever” is a word used for a temperature that is higher than normal for the body. Fever is usually a sign of illness, infection, or other conditions.

The normal oral temperature for adults is about 98.6° F (37° C). The normal oral temperature for a child is between 97.6° and 99.3° F (36.4° and 37.4° C). The normal oral temperature for older persons is 98.2° F (36.8° C). Body temperature changes slightly through the day and night, and may change based on your activity.

  • T12L digital thermometer gives accurate readings of the body temperature and is highly suitable for usage in homes and hospitals.
  • Besides that, it is easy to read, portable and handy.
  • Other than that, it is a small hand-held device with a “window” showing your temperature in numbers. There are many kinds of digital thermometers. Most digital thermometers are easy to use and measure body temperature within seconds. Carefully read the instructions before using your digital thermometer.
  • In the past, mercury (MER-kure-e) thermometers were used. This thermometer is a thin glass tube with a silver tip and line inside. The silver tip and line is mercury. Mercury is a toxic and hazardous chemical. If you have a mercury thermometer, replace it with a digital thermometer.
  • Morever, this thermometer can be used on Oral, Underarm and Rectal.

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