ELVEX Impulse™ Com-655, Com-691, Com-699
ELVEX Impulse™ Com-655, Com-691, Com-699

Models Available : Com-655 , Com-691 , Com-699

Features :

  • Equipped with noise suppression and communications circuitry.
  • Users are getting impulse noise (such as gun fire) suppression, while the electronic circuitry enhances weak sounds, such as an instructors voice.
  • An impulse filter activates in four milliseconds.
  • Sounds exceeding 82 dB are suppressed by a gain limiter.
  • Any remnant of an impulse sound that is sent through the circuitry will be subjected to the gain limiter.
Art No. Description Unit
Com-655 ELVEX Impulse Communication Ear Muff
(NRR : 25dB , 82dB Limiter)
Com-691 ELVEX Guide Receiver Headset unit
Com-699 ELVEX Guide Handheld Microphone unit



Catalogue : ELVEX Impulse™ Com-655, Com-691, Com-699