Did You Know?

SAFETYWARE FFP2 Particulate respirator can’t be doubled.

Particulate Respirator or so called FFP2 (European)/ N95 (US)/ KN95 (China) are considered the gold standard, where each mask is able to filter out a minimum of 95% of very small particles (0.3 micron) in the air.

According to the FDA, the particulate respirator is very effective in filtering out airborne particles (95%). Given its inherent goof fit, it does not require an extra layer of mask to effectively protect you from COVID-19.

Besides, double masking a particulate respirator would restrict airflow too much. If the mask is overly restrictive, it may cause skin irritation or develop air leaks on the side. Overly, restricting your airflow may have consequences on the effectiveness of the mask.