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Head injury is one of the most common causes of fatal accidents at any industrial worksite. According to the data from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries in 2019, one worker died from work-related injury every 99 minutes. Safety helmet protects the user’s head by resisting penetration by objects, absorbing the shock of a blow, resisting water and slow burning. The table below shows the differences between Bump Cap & Safety Helmet.

Bump CapSafety Helmet
StructureBump cap inserts placed inside regular baseball cap.-Shell-Harness-Harness fixingHeadband-Sweatband-Chinstrap
HazardPossibility to bump your head at tight, confined spaces.Involves an object falling environment or a worker could be hit by a flying object.
UsageUsed for protection against minor risks of damage or injuries. (E.g.: minor bumps)Used for protection against areas that exceeded minor risks of damage or injuries. (E.g.: serious head injury, a skull fracture, or facial fractures.)
Field-Mechanics-Airline workers-Manufacturing & Assembly-Road work-Forestry-Mining-Oil & Gas-Construction Site

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differences between bump cap & safety helmet