WOW Club Logo
Introduction To WOW Club

WOW Club was established on 28/1/2016.

WOW Club consists of 5 sections which are :

  • Wellness
  • Recreational
  • Learning
  • Go Green
  • CSR

WOW Club Objectives :

  • To UNITE Safetywareans in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding.
  • To TAKE an active interest in the social, cultural and moral welfare of the community.
  • To PROMOTE healthy lifestyles and increase the quality of healthy life.
Movie Day

Movie Day 2017

Secret Angel

Secret Angel 2017

Ice-cream Day

Ice Cream Day 2017

Dessert Month

Dessert Month 2017

Valentine's Lunch

Happy Valentine's Day 2017

CNY Lucky Bag

Chinese New Year Lucky Bag 2017

Breakfast Day

Breakfast Day 2016

Mini Cup Cake Shoppe

Mini Cup Cake Shoppe 2016

Chai Diam MA

Chai Diam MA (Mini Market) 2016

Coffee Day

Coffee Day 2016

Ice Cream Day

Ice Cream Day 2016

Mandarine Orange Day

Mandarin Orange Day 2016